Friday, January 22, 2010

All natural bug repellent for vegetable plants?

I have a few patio tomatoes and patio bell peppers, and lately something has taken to gnawing holes in the leaves. Does anyone know of an all natural/home remedy that I can put on or around the plants to keep the insects away?All natural bug repellent for vegetable plants?
i believe it's white vinegar? good luck.........All natural bug repellent for vegetable plants?
Take a few leaf or small branch samples of the area that has been gnawed on and place in a paper bag, not a ziploc and take it to your local nurseryman he will be able to determine what's munching on your vegetables. Once that determination is made he can advise what treatment is best for you and you can express to him your fears of using a over the counter chemical.

You can also check the gnawed area on your own. Cut a sample of the affected area and place it on a white sheet of paper and gently tap it, you should see some of the little critters on the sheet of paper, using a magnifying glass try to match the bugs by going to a gardening website.........GOD BLESS.....Frank.
I am not much of a botanist, but when I was growing chilli plants and they were attacked by greenfly, we introduced ladybirds (ladybugs U.S)

to the plants and they took care of it.
Neem oil is an all natural fungicide/insecticide/miticide

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