Sunday, January 24, 2010

Homemade pest repellent for my rose bushes?

PLEASE, I need help.

I know that for oleanders I can use watered down listerine, I tried it on my roses and it did not work.

I would appreciate only serious answers, thank you.

Peace and Love your way.Homemade pest repellent for my rose bushes?
Jalapeno peppers... Pureed an mixed with a gallon of water; doesn't take many....the capacin burns on contact.Homemade pest repellent for my rose bushes?
Chewing tobacco spit. No lie.
sort of depends on the pest.

A solution of soapdiluted with water sprayed on leaves is good for aphids etc. you could always go buy a bag of lady bugs.

diatomaceous earth is good for slugs
1st- If using hot peppers of any kind-WEAR GLOVES AND DO NOT SPRAY IF THERE IS ANY WIND-They Do burn on contact!

I put 3 or 4 garlic cloves in a blender, fill with water and blend until all smashed. Then I add a few drops of dish soap and pour into a sieve to remove any large pieces. Pour into spray bottle or canister and use every morning until pests are gone.

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