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Is peppermint a good natural spider repellent?

I've heard that peppermint is a repellent for spiders, I don't want to kill them I know they are good bug eaters, but I don't want them in my house either. Plus I don't want to use chemicals around my son. If peppermint works how often are you suppose to use it?Is peppermint a good natural spider repellent?
Use peanut butter and Spam (the meat, not the junk mail). Mix them together and spread them around your baseboards and windows. It works great.Is peppermint a good natural spider repellent?


Citronella, lavender, cinnamon, peppermint, citrus, and tea tree oils are repellent to as well. Apparently they don't like the taste of them. This is great for you - simply put one to five drops of any of these oils into a quart of water, add a small squirt of dishwashing soap, and then pour that mixture into a spray bottle. Voila! You've got an easy, all-natural, and safe way to repel spiders.

Spray the water and oil mixture into corners where you have cobwebs and where you tend to see spiders. Be sure to test areas with fabric as the oil may stain it (mainly for if the spray drifts onto curtains or upholstry as you are administering it).

Another effective remedy is a teaspoon of coconut oil into five percent white vinegar solution. Then spray areas with cobwebs and it will deter spiders from going there again.

Other repellent ideas

Many people swear that cutting up hedge apples (also known as Osage Orange trees) and placing them in areas where you see spiders (outside) will keep the creepy crawlers from entering your home. However, there is no scientific proof of this - just lots of testimonials!

Spiders are also repelled by cloves. You can sprinkle ground cloves around your house to keep them away.
Peppermint farmers often keep spiders in the fields as a natural

exterminator of destructive insects, so I doubt it is an effective


Ridding spiders from the house often means killing them in the process.

Any pesticides would be worse than spiders, and unless you are

overrun by them you might try just ignoring them.

Routine cleaning with a vacuum and maybe some sticky traps

will keep them under control.

I refrain from killing them, but don't loose any sleep over it in necessity.
I've seen recipes using all sorts of sprays.....all home made, but I've yetto see clear scientific research supporting any of them. Sure, lots of testamonials, especially if there's a product to purchase included.

There are also many old time suggestions; Osage oranges for example, nope.

So try peppermint, try capsicum, try any of the other recipes you'll find...use outdoors. Keep the vacuum handy indoors to suck up any spider as soon as it's seen. Don't transfer you spider phobia to your son, just calmy capture and release or otherwise dispose of the 8-legger.

Spiders have many, many ways to enter the house, you can't possibly spray every entrace.
I have peppermint growing outsided my kitchen window and a large spider has made a web using the wall of the house and the tops of the peppermint, so I would have to say NO, peppermint won't chase spiders away.

You can try throwing some at your spiders, but it will probably be you bothering them that makes them move, not the peppermint itself.

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